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In the zendo at Willow Farm Contemplative Center. Limited Seating. Trio Ojaleo is Steve Mullins (flamenco guitar, mandolin, and banjola), Sandra Wong (Swedish nyckelharpa, and violin) and Andy Skellenger (tabla, cajon, and African kora) performing “World Music Fusion,” inspired primarily by Spanish flamenco, but also influenced by Balkan music, African music, Indian music, Latin American music, jazz, classical music, and more. Ojaleo (pronounced Oh-ha-lay-oh) is a composite of the Arabic-derived Spanish word ojalá (which translates as “hopefully”) and jaleos, which are the calls of encouragement in flamenco (such as olé). Most of the music performed by the trio is composed by Steve Mullins, who has earned a PhD in ethnomusicology. He has been called "a legend in Colorado as a flamenco performer, composer and teacher....one of the nation’s foremost practitioners of world music “ (Jim Bailey Zuri Music), and his compositions have been described as “some of the most innovative and unique music to emerge from this area” (Jeff Stratton, Boulder Weekly). Sandra Wong and Andy Skellenger are virtuosos on their respective instruments and two of the most sought-after instrumentalists in Colorado. It is safe to say there is no other group in the world that performs on African kora, Swedish nyckelharpa, American banjola, and Spanish guitar in the same show. Trio Ojaleo performs music that has been called “highly inventive and involving,” “passionate, precise, and playful.....a deeply inspiring and pleasurable listening experience, ”romantic and surrealistic....entirely unique.”


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Bio: Sandra Wong started her life journey in upstate New York, displaying a deep love of music as a youngster. She began studying the violin at age seven with the intention of becoming a concert violinist. This remained her sole focus for fifteen years, until she discovered fiddling…and her musical world was turned upside down! Since then, Sandra’s focus with her music has shifted from being an isolated striving for technical perfection to a focus on connecting other people and cultures through music as a way to build community and express our common humanity. Opening this door with an exploration of Irish, Old-time and Bluegrass music, her folk music journey has moved her into her current livelihood of teaching, performing, recording and collaborating with other musicians from a diverse range of musical genres. In 1999, Sandra opened another door when she discovered a 14th century Swedish folk instrument called the nyckelharpa and fell in love. This is a 16 stringed, keyed instrument played with a bow. It has become an integral part of her musical expression. Sandra has toured nationally and internationally as a solo artist and in collaboration with various musicians. She has appeared at numerous festivals and concert series. Her current projects include “Kaleidoscope" with Ty Burhoe and Bill Douglas; "Marrakech Express" with El Yesefi Samir, Brett Bowen and Dexter Payne, "From The Fjords to the Andes" with Victor Mestas, Gonzalo Teppa and Jill Fredrickesen; "Teresa Storch and the Sharp Eleven", “The Sandra Wong, Dominick Leslie, Ty Burhoe Trio” as well as work as a solo artist and freelance musician collaborating with musicians in all musical genres. She has released two solo albums; “It’s About Time” in 1999, and “Joy” in 2000. She recently released two collaborative albums; “Frolic and Romp” in 2009 and “Sunny Side Up” in 2010. Sandra has recorded on a number of her contemporaries projects. A complete discography is available on request. Another important aspect of Sandra’s work is education and nurturing a deep love of music and the arts in both children and adults. She teaches privately, and in group and workshop settings, and presents family and children’s concerts. Sandra also creates and personally facilitates musical study trips to different countries leading people into the heart of individual folk cultures through the music and dance of each country. A percentage of all Sandra’s CD sales and proceeds from concerts supports responsible projects working to create sustainability on our Planet Earth. In addition, Sandra also supports numerous other charitable organizations.